Motivating Others

In 45-ish minute sessions and longer workshops, you’ll learn about your primary (and secondary) motivational needs, how they help and hinder you in your career journey, and how you can use your knowledge of motivational needs to connect with members of your team and develop them in ways that empower their personal and professional goals.

We aren’t all motivated by the same things.  Some of us are motivated by recognition, power and money.  Others of us are motivated by quality relationships and deep conversations.  Others of us are motivated by accomplishing that next most challenging task.  And most of us are motivated by some combination of each of these things.

In these sessions and workshops, we’ll break it down so you can identify your own and others’ motivational style and show you how to meet all of these needs.  This knowledge will help you build and develop teams that feel continuously motivated to improve, drive results, and contagiously lead with empathy and understanding.