We are becoming leaders at a time of rapid change, economic uncertainty, generational frustrations, and a disconnect between sound mental health and the demands we put on our lawyers, ongoing struggles to strike a balance between a successful career and a thriving personal life, and a pandemic that pushed many of us to shift priorities and redefine work life harmony. We need a new style of leadership!

In my training sessions, I teach lawyers and allied professionals to create a meaningful feedback practiceunderstand and engage others’ motivations and how to flex between leadership styles depending on situations and people.

Inclusive Leadership

In these 45-minute sessions and longer workshops, we break down the six styles of leadership, show when and how they’re useful (and not), and identify strengths and opportunities for growth.  We will dig into the content by working through scenarios, talking though small cohort coaching prompts, and creating action and accountability in our quest to improve as leaders.

In 45-minute sessions and longer workshops, we’ll learn more about the psychology around feedback and reframe our own mindsets around feedback. We will learn tools and processes for giving and receiving feedback with impact, and how to create plans and accountability for turning  feedback into action.


Motivating Others

In 45-minute sessions and longer workshops, you’ll learn about your primary (and secondary) motivational needs, how they help and hinder you in your career journey, and how you can use your knowledge of motivational needs to connect with members of your team and develop them in ways that empower their personal and professional goals.

In cohort and one-to-one coaching, we help lawyers and business professionals decide the kind of leader they want to be and equip them with the tools, support and confidence to go out and be that leader.


  • Training sessions are $5,000 each (with a 20% discount for bundles)
  • A $10,000 day comes with a custom blend of a full day of coaching and training
  • Ask us about Missouri pricing