We are becoming leaders at a time of rapid change, economic uncertainty, generational frustrations, and a disconnect between sound mental health and the demands we put on our lawyers, ongoing struggles to strike a balance between a successful career and a thriving personal life, and a pandemic that pushed many of us to shift priorities and redefine work life harmony.  We need a new style of leadership!

In our training sessions, we teach lawyers and allied professionals to create a meaningful feedback practice, understand and engage others’ motivations, how to flex between leadership styles depending on situations, people, and EQ, how to lead as a coach and how to lead with confidence and joy.

Leader as Coach

In this 45-ish minute session, we break down the six styles of leadership, show when and how they’re useful (and not), and identify which ones we’re strongest and which ones we need to work on.  In the back half of the session, we will show you how to lead as a coach in four steps, and guide you in preparing for a coaching conversation with someone on your team.

In 45-ish minute sessions and longer workshops, you’ll learn more about the psychology around feedback and reframe your mindsets around feedback.  We will share some tools and systems for giving and receiving feedback with impact, and you will leave the session with a plan and outline for feedback you will give to someone. 


Motivating Others

In 45-ish minute sessions and longer workshops, you’ll learn about your primary (and secondary) motivational needs, how they help and hinder you in your career journey, and how you can use your knowledge of motivational needs to connect with members of your team and develop them in ways that empower their personal and professional goals. 

In 45-ish minute sessions and longer workshops, we will uncover what confidence looks and feels like, what it looks and feels like to not have confidence and how confidence relates to imposter syndrome. Then we get into the research and findings of Claire Shipman and Katty Kay (participants are asked to read The Confidence Gap in advance of the session) so participants can begin to reset their brain’s connection to action, which Kay and Shipman argue will reset your ability to feel and project confidence. 


Emotional Intelligence

In 45-ish minute sessions and longer workshops, we will show you what Daniel Goleman meant when he wrote his best-selling book, “Emotional Intelligence.” We will break down how EQ shows up in law firms and legal organizations, how you can manage low EQ individuals and how to reclaim and grow your own EQ. 

In 45-minute sessions and longer workshops, Kelli inspires with her story of overcoming a disabling tragedy early in her life to put herself through college and law school, and how she built a successful career in politics and the law.  She uncovers the power in finding and holding joy, despite obstacles.  She shares the habits of joyful people and strategies for incorporating joy into day-to-day life before inviting the audience to source and commit to their own joy. 


In cohort and one-on-one coaching, we help lawyers, law students and legal professionals decide the kind of leader they want to be and equip them with the tools, support and confidence to go out and be that leader.