Kelli’s support, good questions, and accountability helped me so much while transitioning from associate to partner. She helped me stay focused on my ultimate goal of building a sustainable book of business, and kept me on track with accountability metrics I created, tasks I determined were important (and that she asked me to clarify how come they were important), and relationships I needed for success. While I might be successful without her support, it wouldn’t be happening as efficiently or as quickly.
— Partner, Global Law Firm, Los Angeles
As a first generation lawyer, I was really committed to my identity as a lawyer. Kelli helped me see beyond the narrow lens of “lawyer,” and through her great questions, repeating back to me things I can’t believe I was saying and not really hearing, and unquestionable support, I was able to see myself as more. I have since been able to unlock so many other personal and professional opportunities. I’m truly grateful.
— Associate, Global Law Firm, New York
Although cliché, I could not see the forest through the trees. Kelli helped me see the forest.

I was frustrated by several situations for which I saw no reasonable solutions, zero-sum at best. Kelli helped me move beyond the illusion of my binary choices to uncover solutions previously hidden. Kelli helped me achieve these results through careful listening and challenging questions. I cannot imagine arriving at these solutions without Kelli’s help.

Five out of five stars!
— Director of Learning & Development, International Law Firm, Philadelphia
Beyond just talking about other perspectives, talking with a coach has really pressed me to try out a different approach to scenarios which historically have stressed me out or where my managing style hasn’t been particularly efficient or effective in the past. Knowing my coach is going to ask me about how it went has added the right motivation to practice new methods. I’ve been encouraged by some successes both in the work product and in how I feel about my approach and how things played out.
— Business Development Manager, Global Law Firm, New York
I’m so grateful for Kelli’s support, insightful questions, and for being such a great sounding board during some of my more challenging moments at the firm. It’s difficult for Kelli’s constant positivity and enthusiastic nature not to rub off on you! I’m truly thankful for her guidance and encouragement, especially after my decision to move on to a different opportunity at another firm.

Thank you Kelli for helping me to believe in myself!
— Recruiter, Magic Circle Law Firm, London
I was at a crossroads professionally and personally. Mollie helped me focus my goals and priorities, and realize that sometimes progress is more important than perfection. Mollie is supportive, positive, and was in my corner. Her broad professional experience gives her a unique lens in her work. She helped me face some fears and ultimately realize that my decision to bet on myself was the right one for my life at this time. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you, Mollie – I’m so grateful for the professionalism, accountability, coaching and laughter!
— Partner, International Consulting Firm, Washington DC
Mollie's coaching works for me because she approaches every challenge or obstacle we discuss from a perspective of being entirely non-judgmental. Her philosophy of taking everything in stride and evaluating it from a curious but non-critical frame of reference is infectious and really helps take the sting and emotional heat out of difficult work-life situations, enabling me to consider them from a fresh stance. I also appreciate that her suggestions challenge me but are also realistic within the boundaries and scenarios I've described to her. Finally, she's a fantastic listener and that is an invaluable quality in a coach.
- Immigration Attorney
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