About Kelli

Kelli Dunaway is a coach, teacher, activist and writer whose raison d’être is helping people realize their potential.   

Kelli designs and delivers coaching and training that empowers people to define the leader they aspire to be and pursue its achievement with intentionality and purpose. 

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As coach, Kelli uses humor, instinct, and powerful questions to support her clients in imagining and executing practices and habits that help them achieve their professional and personal leadership goals. 

As consultant, Kelli works with law firms and organizations to define what leadership looks like and design training and coaching programs and policies to meet these goals.  

As Councilwoman, Kelli imagines policy and works with constituents, County departments, the County Counselor’s office, industry experts and the Executive’s team to create laws to the equitable benefit of St. Louis County and the environment.

As woman, Kelli is mom to Bella and Liam, historical novelist, magick enthusiast and lover of happy hour and brunch.

Kelli is the Founder and CEO of Aspire, an elected Councilwoman in St. Louis County, Missouri, an ICF-certified coach and a member of the California Bar.  She earned her J.D. from UCLA and her B.A. in History from Southern Illinois University. 

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