Set Goals With a Little Help From the Moon

As I’ve mentioned before and will likely mention again (and again and again), new moons are a great time for setting goals and intentions! Luckily for us, we have such an auspicious opportunity every single month. This month’s great time is tomorrow.

There’s a new moon in Aquarius tomorrow afternoon, and this is a lovely new moon with a great boost from nearby Jupiter adding a bit of miracle grow (thank you Chani Nicholas for that lovely tidbit!) to whatever it is we want to manifest. This one is kind of like a second chance at your new year’s resolution(s), unhindered by action planet Mars and communication planet Mercury in frustrating retrogrades at the turn of this year.

So think about your career and life. What’s working really well? What’s not working really well? What would make things work really well for you? Make that your intention tomorrow and really commit to making the change that will make things work for you. And then get the action started. The only thing holding you back from having the career and life you want is you, so make the choice and get going. If you want or need it, I’m always here to help…


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