Let’s Lead Change

I lead a global coaching practice, through which I train and coach hundreds of lawyers and law firm and law school professionals per year all around the world.  I learn so much from my clients!  Amazingly brilliant, insightful and caring, these are people who want to be a different kind of leader than those leading them, at a time our industry is in the throes of wild change.  
I’ve observed growing disconnects between policies and people, value and money, and how and what individuals prioritize in their lives and careers.  And as a hopeful Gen X’er, I’m delighted by the arrival of Gen Z with all their boundaries, confidence, growth mindsets and servant-leadership passions. 

At this moment in time, where the world and society demand change, the clash of generations nearing its climax, and possibility abound, I want to use this space to share what I learn from my clients and engage with all of you so we can change the way we lead the practice of law. 
Ping me with your questions and insights and let’s lead change…


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